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„Follow Me“ in Munich

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The series of portraits „Follow me“ by Berlin based artist Felix Scholz is examining the way of self-representation of men standing in the spotlight of public interest. They all have in common to owe a big part of their success, their media presence and their general market value to their looks. Professional in different fields – as models, actors, sportsmen, porn actors, performance artists or bodyguards – they all are making use of their face and body to keep and enhance their image. In a more ore less subtle way. 

Using hypothetical social media posts of these protagonists – painted in gouache water colors on bristol paper – Felix Scholz is reflecting recent postings or anticipating potential future postings of this men. 

The interplay between protagonist and recipient – the prominent poster and the anonymous follower – is being blurred and disturbed by the intimacy of the unasked portrait. The posting of the portrait, including the tagging of the person being portrayed is provoking a reaction, challenging to position himself in this act of approach. 

Shown until June 1, 2015 in Kunstbehandlung Gallery in Munich.

Felix Scholz Illustration_Pavel Petel

Pavel Petel, Russian Performance Artist, The Naked DJ @petelshow #fieldmuseum #chicago #zebra #dinosaurs

Felix Scholz Illustration_Francois Sagat

Francois SagatFormer Porn Actor, now Actor, Model @francoisssagat #onfridayswewearpink

Felix Scholz Illustration_Mariano di Vaio

Mariano di Vaio, Italian Model @marianodivaio fresher than from the market! #beach #sardegna #crab #seafood

Felix Scholz Illustration_Sebastien Jondeau

Sebastien Jondeau, French Bodyguard und Secretary to Karl Lagerfeld, Model @bentoub bonjour @choupette #tiger #cat #iwokeupelikethis